Having a session with Sebastian was surprisingly interesting. I was a bit sceptical in the technique as I never tried it before, but now that I understand the way it works, it makes more sense and I could see the results straight away. I obviously need some more sessions but I am happy that I tried it and I can use it as a cure to my anxieties and negative thoughts.
Ioana M
I strongly recommend these sessions. I had emotional problems and anxieties, and now I can be happy with my life. Sebastian is using specific form of therapy which allowed me release the negative emotions and practice being happy. It's how he said: "from the night to the light" 🙂
Ewelina L
I had a traumatic fear of darkness.  I slept only with the lamp on or a TV on through the whole night. After few session now I can sleep normally with the lights off and the fear is gone! Thank You very much!
Czuję się jakby ktoś zdjął z moich ramion kilka ton i jakbym wylazł z jakiegoś betonowego pancerza... POLECAM!!!! Obiema rękami, nogami i własną głową. Sesja z Sebastianem Mroczek to niesamowite doświadczenie!!!!! Jak dobrze znów być sobą... Dziękuję!!!! I feel like someone has taken off my shoulder few tons of pressure and I feel like I came out from a concrete armour. I highly recommend this with my whole hands, legs and my head. Session with Sebastian Mroczek is incredible experience!!!! How good is to be myself again...Thank You!!!!!"
Bartek K
It's never too late to improve the quality of your life. That's exactly what Sebastian does - he helps improving the quality of your life. For good. We have managed to overcome all my negative thoughts, anxieties and obsessions. Thanks to Sebastian I am a happy person now. The best thing about Faster EFT is that it brings quick results within short period of time. One is noticing a small change almost immediately after a first session. I totally recommend F EFT and Sebastian to anyone who seeks a better life!
Dominika L
I feel so much full of life and energy. The sessions helped me realize more how great life can be and helped me to focus more on what's really matters in life
Hi, I feel wonderful and enchanted today, and I am watching this video about the subconscious mind that you have recommended for me. I want more days like this:)) Thank you:))))
Marta S
Hi Sebastian, I feel great, I use techniques which you showed me, but I prefer to do the gratitude exercise for everything that occurs in my life. I say privately to my enemies, non-enemies, friends and non-friends that I forgive the everything and I also ask them in my mind to forgive me. I send them love and amazing things happen. I move forward very fast to meet different vibrations, I feel the power!
Tomasz S
Hello I am very happy with our co-work. You showed me how I can deal with my own weaknesses and fear which didn't allow me to function in a normal way. You are great therapist. I would recommend your sessions to everyone. One more time thank you for help, all the tools, book and I am obviously waiting for yours.
Filip M
I had several sessions with Sebastian and in my opinion they helped me to be more aware of some of my problems, which blocked me and in the same time caused life issues. These session help to fix these issues which results in more happy and harmonious life. I am happy with the results of my work with Sebastian.
Ania T
I watch myself all the time and feel much better, I see results on everyday life. I see 80% change in the way I feel at work. I feel shy in some situations, but I think now I will be able to handle this as after each session I gain more power to overcome next steps in every aspect that we work on. When I look at my past before sessions and today, I see big difference and I don't feel like I used to in the past. What you are doing is really great.
I had one session with Sebastian at the end of December 2014. During the session we went through one current situation and few problems from past five years. My mood changed drastically from very bad at the beginning to normal at the end. I remain in peace since then (it has been one month now). I need to admit that althought I was sceptical at the beginning, I can now confirm that session really worked positively on me and  thanks to Sebastian I know how to use it when I am on my own so I can sustain emotional balance.
Maja P
I discovered different pieces in me. Sebastian helped me to let go of some of the problems I had deep inside. I feel more relaxed, calm, confident and loving. He carries special pieces in himself which heals others so well! I cannot say how appreciate I am to meet him! Today I send love to people on the streets, I understand myself more and that gives me peace. I am so impressed with his knowledge and always looking forward to do another session.
I was in special forces and had problems with sleeping, nightmares and anger control. My life was always connected with bad energy, stress, pressure and bad nutrition. I decided I have to find someone with other type of energy that could help me to get back to normal life. Right now at this point and after few sessions with master Sebastian Mroczek, I have to say that what normal medicine couldn't done for me, Sebastian with his amazing energy and knowledge helped me with the most harmonious and relaxing way possible. For all this I have to thank him and without any doubts recommend his skills to others
Joel W
Hi Sebastian, Finally I have some time to write to you. I want to thank you one more time for our meeting, which really helped me a lot. From the moment I left you office I felt like it was newly born. I was smiling to myself and even I saw people smiling also. I started to look at the world in the different way. I stopped caring about what people think and say about me. Again I started looking into people's eyes not being ashamed of who I really am. I believe in myself! I do the exercises you advised me to do and read books about my subconscious mind. I have a small notebook where I put everything positive that happened and happens in my life - memories, dreams, goals and each day which brings me something new. I always keep it with me. If I need I just open it and remind myself about the good of my life and smile:). I definitely would like to do more sessions and feel much, much better.
Sebastian Mroczek very talented therapist, calm, confident and competent. The magnitude of the experience is visible even if he is young. I recommend sessions with him to everyone, there are good results! I am also happy as the group of polish Faster EFT therapist is growing. There is now 4 of us!
Barbara M
In few words: Sebastian 's methods are amazing. He helped me to understand my problems and my life is now better than before. Thank you.
Mariusz W