Few Words About The Faster EFT/Eutaptics System
Sebastian Mroczek with Robert G. Smith - creator of FasterEFT/Eutaptics

Faster EFT/Eutaptics is a system created by Robert G. Smith which is based on a traditional Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and few other methods.

From birth, the subconscious interprets (and gives meaning) to every experience and files that data as evidence of who we are, how the world around us works, and what reality is.

Each new experience is filtered through that data, and again, interpreted and filed. This is why each person’s perspective of reality is unique.

The subconscious is constantly referring to the data it holds and prompting the brain and body to respond accordingly. The brain signals the major organs to produce matching chemicals that cause sensations – which we recognize as impulses and emotions.

These sensations cause the conscious mind to make decisions, take actions, express behaviors etc. based on what is held in the subconscious.

In order to change anything effectively and permanently, we need to change the original records. When the original record is changed, the results are changed automatically.

The FasterEFT/Eutaptics technique is designed to work with the subconscious to change those original records, which results in an automatic change in beliefs, patterns, behaviors, habits etc.

Reference: fastereft.com/simplified-basics-fastereft

What will you gain and learn during the sessions:
"I love what I do and my prior goal is for you to achieve fast and long-term results."
  • Finding solutions to your problems such as emotional issues
  • Learning about the manifestation process and how to use the law of attraction (do you want your dreams to come true? )
  • Learning about how YOU can help yourself
  • Changing and reprogramming negative internal information to positive (changing memories and emotional reactions to positive)
  • Releasing the negative emotions when they occur in couple of minutes
  • Changing negative beliefs
  • Learning how to gain emotional intelligence
  • Finding out what to do on daily basis to have more satisfying and happy life
  • Be in control and sustaining your results
  • Learning about planning and setting goals
  • Materials to study at home and my email support
  • and more
 What is our session plan?
  • Introduction and session plan
  • Explanation of how we process internal information that is causing negative emotional states and thinking processes
  • Gathering information and creating report about the problems' structure
  • Planning and discussing the best options to create changes
  • Faster EFT/Eutaptics techniques and methods - working on your internal information. Releasing the emotions, reprogramming your thinking patterns.
  • Planning the next sessions and "away from session" procedures
  • Total = 2 hours (or 1 hour)
 Additional Information about the appointments:
  • Comfortable and pleasant atmosphere
  • Free to ask any questions (this might be the key to helping you)
  • There are no restrictions in regards to age (children assisted with parent/guardian), gender, religion, political views and any other condition, as long as you are willing to work and stay open minded to make the appointment the most beneficial for you
  • Sessions can be "no content", which means you don't have to share any information that you don't want (ask me how it works). 
  • Couples' sessions available
  • Group sessions available
  • Appointments can be made in the place of your choice with the additional cost of £10  for travel time and expenses (within London area and close to London areas).
  • Sessions available for people from outside of London area:
    • online sessions
    • seminars and long distance visits (please contact me)
Investment Options:

10 2h sessions = £600 (or 10 1h sessions £300)

5 2h sessions = £350 (or 5 1h sessions £175)

3 2h sessions = £240 (or 3 1h sessions £120)

1 2h session = £100 (or 1 1h session £50)

First session investment is always £100 (or £50 if it is 1hour session). After the first appointment when you know that you are happy with the way we work together, we can discuss a number of our next sessions. Then on the next meeting, you pay the rest of your chosen investment plan. For example, if you want to do 10 sessions, first one will cost £100 (or £50 if it is 1-hour session) and the next 9 £500 (or £250 if they are 1-hour sessions).