My name is Sebastian Mroczek

I am Faster EFT/Eutaptics Level 3 Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master, author and a speaker. I began my studies because of one unfortunate event, which happened to be a great beginning of self-development for me and my good friend.

That friend was sick and because he received help from our other friend using a bit of unusual therapy system, we began to be very interested in this matter. That system happens to be Reiki Healing System.

I was skeptical, always wanted to test everything and because we had positive results during our tests I began to be highly interested in the subject of self-development.

The timing was perfect, as this was the period in my life when I was going through a lot of pain. My parents divorced, I left my home country, my school, my friends, some members of my family. I was missing home a lot and was in a state which I believe was depression, or close to a depression. This is why that situation with my friend started a new beginning for me.

I've had an attitude of doing something 100% or not doing it at all, so I've done everything I could to gain more knowledge and skills about how to help myself and others. This marked the beginning of a 10 years old story which brought me to a situation, where now with passion and joy I help others using a much more effective system, Faster EFT/Eutaptics.

Faster EFT/Eutaptics is in my opinion ideal method to get rid of and problems that involve thinking, feelings and emotions in fast and long term way because of its versatility and aiming right at the causes of the problems. That is why I am using it as my main set of skills in spite of a couple of other ones from my experience.

I am very grateful to all individuals which I learned from and which inspired me to continue my studies and gaining experience. I am grateful to my family for supporting me. I will never stop walking this path, to be even more effective in helping others, what is actually also related to my own growth and reason of joy and satisfaction.

Thank you all and Thank you, God.

"When we die we leave everything - people, money, cars, houses, knowledge and skills... The only thing which is never ending and will always be everywhere in the universe is LOVE. Let's all make it our main goal."